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"Bridesmaid" - Even though the word comes along with some bragging rights, there is more to it than meets the eyes. The day is finally around the corner and your role as a bridesmaid is about to come to a full circle. So, as you are packing up your bridesmaid dress and high heels, make sure that you don’t forget these handful of bridesmaid must haves, so that you can make it through the day without a hitch!


Either you are doing this for the first time, or have done it so much that you have stopped counting, here’s a list of essentials that might come in handy on the day of the wedding.


Bridesmaid Essentials

1. Body

Regardless of the weather, it might get hot and sweaty inside those fluffy bridesmaid dresses. So, carrying a deodorant spray may be pretty handy, and also safe and sanitary, as you can share it with other girls as well. Also, another matter of concern is your favorite pair of heels that make your feet look stunning. Since you will not be there just showing them off but making them work as well, it is only a matter of time till those blisters pop up and join the party with you. That’s why you need to have a handful of band aids with you. For additional comfort and protection, put on the band aid before wearing your shoes. Baby powder is another handy thing to carry. You can also use it to take grease stains off dresses, keep your feet and armpits from smelling, and instead of gluing fake eyelashes, put baby powder on the lashes before putting on mascara, for a long lasting and voluminous look.


2. Dress

You never know what might happen next, especially in a hectic occasion like weddings. So, in case you need to fix rips or tighten the dress, safety pins are the way to go. And if you are the kind of person who is good with the art of sewing then invest in a good sewing kit that you can carry with you for any last minute alterations. You can also use fashion tapes, tapes that are double sided and can easily stick to any fabric or skin. It is very useful to avoid wardrobe malfunction and keep your dress in place.


3. Energy

This day requires a lot of energy as you will be running errands like a crazy person. So drink a lot of water, increase your protein intake and make sure to carry protein bars or food that can help you hold your drinks well. You don’t want to lag behind and not have fun because of all the running around. No matter what’s going on, be sure to enter the wedding day adventure with a positive attitude and some fun energy, supporting the bride more than you ever have before.


4. Tissues 

If there was ever a right time to stuff your bra with tissues this would be it. Trust us when we say that the more of the tissues you can hold of the better. These are a must at the wedding, whether it is to dry tears, fix make up, or help dab off last minute stains, so pack up as much as you can.


5. Cell-phone Charger

You have a long day ahead of you and it’s always good to make sure that your phone has some extra juice in it. Bring along your charger so that you won’t have to worry about 20% battery life, when the bride asks you to snap some extra photos of her when the party starts. There will be a lot of selfies snapped and homemade videos taken throughout the night.


Being a bridesmaid is a great honor, but it does come with a lot of responsibility, commitments and stressful situations. But throughout the experience, remember this, you can take care of the bride and yourself at the same time. And don’t forget to have fun as well.

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