Who Should Be By Your Side When Choosing the Perfect Dress

Who Should Be By Your Side When Choosing the Perfect Dress

Who Should Be By Your Side When Choosing the Perfect Dress. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most momentous occasions in many people's lives. But who should you bring with you? There are a lot of issues at play here, from who you may feel obligated to bring to who is most useful for you. It's important to remember that regardless, it's your special day — and your guests are just that, guests.


Who Do We Recommend?

Shopping for a wedding dress should be a relaxing, not stressful, experience. But you don't want to just bring people that are going to tell you what you want to here. There are two things you're thinking about when wedding dress shopping, and that can impact who you want to bring with you:

  • Bonding. Picking a wedding dress is an emotional and special experience, which is why many people want to bring their mother, mother in law, sisters, and best friends. So naturally, you'll want to choose at least a few of the people who are closest to you and whose company you enjoy. But you also want to consider...
  • Style. The people closest to us aren't always the ones most equipped to tell us what looks good. And that means that you also want to consider who among your family and friends are great at picking out clothing. 

In other words, not only do you have to bring people with you whose company you enjoy, but you also need to consider that you need someone with a critical eye. This is especially true if clothing isn't generally your thing or if you have a tough time finding styles that match you.




Should You Bring Your Mother in Law?

For some people, this isn't even a debate; their mother in law is a friend and family. For others, this is an extremely stressful situation. Courtesy often indicates that the mother in law should be included in dress shopping. But ultimately this really depends on your relationship with your mother in law. If your mother in law is antagonistic to you, it can obviously make the experience stressful. But more dangerously, if your mother in law has a dramatically different taste from you, she could "bully" you into a decision you really don't want to make. 

Ultimately, every person is different, and every family is different. Not only is choosing the perfect dress a very personal moment, but it's also a pricey investment. You should never include anyone you feel uncomfortable with when you shop, especially those you feel would unfairly influence your opinion. And if it is easier to include someone rather than leave them out, remember to "think about it." Don't commit to anything in the moment.

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