When June isn't the Date for You - How to Plan for a Winter Wedding

When June isn't the Date for You - How to Plan for a Winter Wedding

When June isn't the Date for You - How to Plan for a Winter Wedding. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

The most popular time of year for a wedding is in June. It's certainly not the only time of year, but that is the most convenient time to plan around your guest's schedules — the perfect time when children are out of school but before the family vacation.

Perhaps you are just a rebel, and you have always dared to be different, but do you have it in you to be a bride in winter? Let us take a look at all of the options for a winter wonderland theme would do for your wedding.



Venues of all kinds usually have more availability in the winter, especially for a January wedding. Of course, you want everyone comfortable while still being flexible with mother nature. The first tip to consider is to use an all-in-one venue — a place where you can have your ceremony and reception with little to no travel. Favorite locations of the bride and groom can also be a special wedding location. Some additional venue ideas include a treasured hotel, stadium, barn, botanical garden, converted building/warehouse, or library. Wherever your dream location may be, there is a place to hold your wedding! 


Will there be rain or snow? Plan for both. Having a red carpet placed over snow can reduce the risk of slips and slides. For rain, consider renting elegant, same colored umbrellas along with an escort to bring your guests in from the rain. Ensure you have a coatroom for guests to remove layers of clothing and don't forget about offering hand warmers or outdoor heaters if there will be outdoor activities including photo shoots. 




A seasonal menu should plan on being warm, but not so heavy as to knock everyone out like a Thanksgiving dinner. Try serving a warm brothy soup instead of a thick (but yummy) pumpkin soup. Don't forget that such as hot chocolate, mulled wine, and hot-buttered rum drinks can bring warmth as well.

Remember, there will be dancing later, so keep the heavier things interlaced with lighter fare. Don't forget any guests with allergies or special diets and above all else keep it hot and keep it coming.


Weddings are all about your style, but you may also be thinking of offering guests memories from your wedding which can include scarves and shawls in the color of your wedding theme. These gifts can also be handy for the event, too.

Wedding attire style can be influenced by the time of year, as well, with long sleeves on the bride and velvet blazers for the groom. Stoles, minks, wraps, and other cold-weather items can add a classy, timeless, and gorgeous touch to your wedding. A wrap can be worn to keep you warm and stylish on your special day and are easily rented.


Are the ideas of a winter wonderland wedding percolating in your head? Send us an email, or call 440-943-0037, or leave a comment and book your appointment  at TK Bridal & Alterations today. It's a beautiful time, and a beautiful event, please don't hesitate to call us.