Wedding Planning Tips for the Perfect Spring 2020 Event

Wedding Planning Tips for the Perfect Spring 2020 Event

Wedding Planning Tips for the Perfect Spring 2020 Event. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

Spring is the perfect time for a wedding. The weather is warmer (but not hot) and the world seems as if it's springing to life. With so much going for it, you may underestimate some less pleasurable aspects of the season – and fail to prepare for them.  But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your spring 2020 wedding so you won’t be caught off-guard with a seasonal snafu:


Be Prepared for Anything

The # 1 rule of surviving a springtime wedding is preparation. Spring may be a beautiful time of year to say “I Do,” but it can also be unpredictable. Weather can be cold and snowy or hot and humid. Rain showers may appear out of nowhere and while the days may be warm, evening temperatures can dip quite a bit. The solution?  Be prepared for every scenario.

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception, have umbrellas ready for an unexpected shower; parasols on hand to shield guests from the sun; stylish galoshes for your wedding party (practical, and they look great in pictures); wooden flooring inside tents to keep the mud out; heaters inside tents during the reception; and a change of shoes for the bride and her attendants to keep heels from sinking into soft ground.

The trick to surviving any unexpected weather fluctuations is to consider every possibility and have a backup plan that you can live with. Sure, you may have dreamed of an outdoor ceremony on the cliff of a mountain, but if a freak storm blows in you will want to have a comfortable indoor space ready to go to keep the day moving along with no stress or worries.


Use the Season’s Offerings to Your Advantage

Spring has a lot to offer a wedding planner. With so many natural options for food and decorations, it is a season full of possibilities. Not only can spring offerings give you plenty to work with, but it's also cheaper.  What kinds of unique offerings does springtime offer the bride?  Here are a few to consider:

  •  Flowers: When it comes to flowers, spring may offer the most to choose from. Whether you're looking for fragrance, color or variety, springtime flowers offer it all. From hyacinths and lilies to daisies, roses, sweet peas and lilacs, this is one season that allows the bride to mix and match her favorites for bouquets and centerpieces that will get noticed. Better yet, since most of these flowers are coming into bloom during the spring months, the cost is usually much lower than trying to force them to bloom during another time of year.



  •  Color & Texture: Don’t limit yourself to springtime pastels; this is a season rich in color and texture. Feel free to combine lighter shades with rich navies, reds and yellows for a sophisticated flare. And don’t forget to add some textured greens for a more beautiful display.
  •  Fresh Fruits and Veggies:  Flowers are not the only thing harvested in the spring. This is a great time to explore nature’s bounty by offering guests plenty of fresh picked fruits and vegetables for their plates. Menus this time of year run from the most sophisticated (imagine serving quail eggs around Easter) to very simple (a basic BBQ in the backyard). No matter what style of food you choose, be sure to utilize what’s in season for both the freshest taste and the lowest price.
    •    A Relaxed Feel: Winter weddings tend to feel more formal (maybe it’s all those clothes everyone wears to stay warm). Spring traditionally makes people feel more carefree, lending to a relaxed and whimsical environment. Use that to your advantage to plan a more fun-loving and casual affair.

Finding a Dress to Fit Your Spring Wedding

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, spring offers the most choices. Thanks to a mixture of warmer and colder weather, spring brides can opt for more formal or casual attire; long sleeves; sleeveless; light and airy; or heavier and more sophisticated.  It really is the perfect season for finding the perfect dress.

Not sure what style or fit will look best for your special day? Let the experts at TK Bridal & Alterations help you find the dress of your dreams. Call today to schedule your consultation.