Wedding Gown Designs For Plus Size Brides

Wedding Gown Designs For Plus Size Brides

Wedding Gown Designs For Plus Size Brides. Mobile Image

Nov 07, 2014

Wedding Gown Designs For Plus Size Brides

Wedding day is supposed to be your special day and your size should not interfere your overall looks. It’s totally okay to be oversized as long as you know how to carry yourself. No one has succeeded in defining what a perfect measure of being beautiful and holding ideal body is. I believe you also deem in a famous saying that quotes, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, don’t you?

Yes! Size does not matter if you want to look beautiful. The only thing you need to do is expend a modest time in understanding your own body and finding out what best suits you. After having a detail orientation of your body structure and discovering the body parts that looks appealing when exposed, you should choose an appropriate wedding gown design.

Plus Size Wedding Gown Designs

Gone are the days where large sized dresses weren’t even manufactured, let alone stocked. But these days designers of bridal gowns have realized not every bride is slim and small. So they have been coming up with stunning and flattering dresses for plus size too.

Large Size Wedding Gown with Clip Treatment

If you are among plus size brides, the very first thing you need to remember is, the clips to pin up your wedding gown. It does not matter how large your wedding dress is to fit you in as long as you use clips to stitch the gown tight on your body. This is a smart way to look at your best.


You can go for a slim A-line shape with a sweetheart neckline that will look flattering on plus size body. You might feel the ruching on the bodice is not for the body shape like yours. Well, come out of this misconception and keep your mind open to try a bunch of different styles. You will also look pretty in dresses with a corset back. You can cinch them up to define your curves.


Usually plus size girls tend to accept that their body shape will only make them look fatter with flowy dresses. You can always choose a full length A-line dress with an empire waist and split front. Believe me; this combination won’t give you a fat look. It will help you look stunning on your special day.


For plus size brides, another choice could be a princess ball gown.  A typical ball gown might add up to your weight due to its overly put layers of clothes. So, you must choose a design where there is a criss-cross wrapping at the top and ruching. Besides ball gown, another option available is a fit and flare, or possibly a trumpet style. If not both, you can always choose wedding design in-between fit & flare and ball gown.


A very easy and definitely going to look good on you option is a flowy empire waist gown. All your weight will be hidden under the skirt while you are preparing to look like Juliet soon to be wedded with your Romeo.

If not flowy empire waist, go for drop waisted ball gown with full length lace skirt. The dropped waist shows off your hips nicely making you look exceptionally sexy.


Do not go for wedding gown which is as tight as a mermaid style. It will only make you look like about-to-burst bride. Incline more towards fit and flare dress. It is much more fitted than A-line style as well. Good choice lays in a trumpet style too. It flares at the hips, is more fitting than an A-line but less than a fit and flare.


Once you realize your body structure and find out what best suits you, you are ready to go. These are some wedding gown options for plus size brides. If you want wedding gowns get stitched as per your instructions, remember TK Bridal. We have wide range of wedding dresses for all size brides in addition to custom clothing service. Call us at (404) 943-0037 today.