Silhouette Series Timeless in Tea Length

Silhouette Series Timeless in Tea Length

Silhouette Series Timeless in Tea Length. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

Not every bride dreams of wearing a princess ball gown or a long sweeping to the floor ensemble. Today’s modern bride often opts for a more comfortable and versatile wedding dress. This can come in many different varieties, but for flattery’s sake, we’re going to take some time to talk about the timeless tea length.


What is Tea Length?

Want a wedding gown that you can kick up your heels and move in without foregoing a classic look? Try a tea length silhouette! With a hem that falls about 3-4 inches below the knee, this dress offers a quaint and classy hemline without completely bucking tradition.

While a tea length gown doesn’t fall to the floor, offering that flowing super traditional wedding look, it does offer the kind of sophisticated look most brides want while still offering the freedom to have fun.


Is the Tea Length Made for You?

If you are thinking about donning a shorter hemline on your wedding day, then consider the tea length style. Here’s why:

  • It flatters almost any body shape. If there is one thing the tea length gown has going for it, it’s the fact that it looks good on almost anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the slimmer side or sport some lovely curves; this style dress flatters it all! 
  • It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. Older brides love the tea length because it gives them that bridal look without all of the fanfare of a traditional wedding gown. Young brides also love the tea length because it offers a fun and comfortable dress for that special day.
  • It’s comfortable. If you are a bride who wants to be able to dance and move all day long, then a tea length gown may be what you are after. Since it is shorter, it allows more freedom on the dance floor without sacrificing the look and feel of a real wedding dress.
  • It offers a more casual, yet classy look. Not every bride is looking for that ultra-formal attire for her wedding day. If you are opting for a more casual wedding, but still want to look bridal, then a tea length gown may be a good option.
  • It showcases those shoes! Are you planning on wearing some awesome shoes on your wedding day? This is the perfect hemline for showing them off!

Finding Your Perfect Dress

Shopping for your wedding dress should be fun and exciting. But, if all the choices available have your head spinning, then it is time to let the experts at TK Bridal & Alterations take charge. Helping brides find their perfect dress for more than 30 years, our team of trained consultants can help you choose a wedding gown that will make you stand out on your wedding day. Whether you are planning a formal ceremony or a more casual affair, the bridal consultants at TK Bridal & Alterations are ready to help you find the dress of your dreams. Call today to schedule your appointment.