Planning a Summer Wedding Tips for a Planning a Perfect Day

Planning a Summer Wedding Tips for a Planning a Perfect Day

Planning a Summer Wedding Tips for a Planning a Perfect Day. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

Every bride dreams of a picture perfect day.  That may be one of the reasons why so many couples choose summer for their big day. But don’t be fooled: summertime can present some unique obstacles that must be handled, including the weather.  Summer temperatures may be enticing at first glance, but be prepared for hot, humid days when planning your nuptials for the heart of the season.

How can you be sure that your day is as beautiful and stress-free as possible? Consider these warm weather tips during every step of your wedding planning:


Keep Your Guests Cool

Soaring temperatures can leave guests feeling restless, tired and grumpy. Keeping them cool will help everyone have a good time; despite the heat. Here are a few ways to help your guests stay cool throughout the entire day:

  • Offer customized fans to guests for use during the ceremony.  Not only practical, but themed fans can also add to the decorative look to your ceremony.
  • Place decorative ice buckets with chilled water bottles at the end of each row.
  • Set up a frozen cocktail bar for guests to enjoy drinks before and after the ceremony.
  • Be sure there are plenty of shady areas to retreat to (especially if your ceremony and reception are outside).
  • Offer an air-conditioned area to retreat to for outdoor venues.
  • Keep your menu lite (full of fresh fruits, salads, pastries, etc.), to keep guests from feeling heavy and full.


Be Comfortable Yourselves

Yes, it is important to make arrangements for your guests’ comfort, but don’t forget your own. Nothing will ruin your day faster than feeling hot and sticky yourself.  What can you do to ensure that the entire bridal party enjoys the day no matter what the weather?

  • Wear light, airy clothing.  You may love the way that long-sleeved princess gown looks on you, but if you are planning an outdoor ceremony in the middle of July, you will want to wear something much lighter. The same is true for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Instead of heavy suits or tuxedos, consider lighter pants, white shirts and suspenders, and flowy summer attire for the girls.
  • Have a cool place to escape to.  Make sure the bridal party has a cool, air-conditioned space to retreat to when they feel hot and uncomfortable. Even spending a few minutes out of the direct sun and humid temperatures can help make the day more enjoyable.
  • Have plenty of cool drinks and snacks available.
  • Change for the reception. Maybe you can’t live without that heavy wedding gown, that’s okay if you change into lighter summer attire for the reception.



Plan for Extreme Weather Conditions

Summer months make for very enjoyable wedding backdrops, but they can also feature some extreme weather conditions. The key to surviving those quick storms; unrelenting heat and humidity; and the scorching sun is to be prepared. Having a backup plan will make your day go much more smoothly – and trouble-free.  In addition, be sure to:

  • Have air-conditioned tents available for use if temperatures soar or a storm blows in
  • Make arrangements to take pictures somewhere else if the weather interferes with your plans
  • Keep plenty of baby powder and insect repellent wipes on hand for guests.
  • Have umbrellas available for use during the ceremony and for pictures afterward


Finding the Perfect Summer Wedding Dress

Comfort is key to enjoying your big day. Wedding planning for the summer months means taking the weather into consideration when choosing your dress. Not sure what style, fabric and silhouette will make you shine (without wilting) during your summer wedding? Let the design team at TK Bridal & Alterations help you. They are experts at guiding brides in choosing a stylish gown that is also comfortable during hot, humid Atlanta summers.