Plan the Ultimate Winter Wonderland Wedding

Plan the Ultimate Winter Wonderland Wedding

Plan the Ultimate Winter Wonderland Wedding. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

Brisk air, a roaring fire, and a snowy backdrop. What more could a bride seeking romance ask for her wedding day? June may have been the preferred wedding month in the past, but today’s bride wants her wedding to look (and feel) different. That means trading tradition for something more her style: a winter wedding.

With more and more couples opting to create a winter wonderland wedding, you may be wondering how to make cold season wedding planning work for you. Here are some tips to consider:


Avoid Temperature Troubles

Depending on where you are planning to get married, you could face some downright frigid temperatures on your wedding day. But that’s okay, as long as you plan for it. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a winter wedding:

  • Dress accordingly. The odds are that you have planned a winter wonderland wedding in order to take advantage of that snowy backdrop and beautiful ambiance, which means plenty of outdoor pictures. Even if you only plan to be out in the cold for short periods of time, be sure to dress accordingly. That means adding some comfy wraps, fur coats and sweaters to your bridal party attire. But don’t dress everyone too warmly for the party afterward. It is always best to add some layers when outdoors rather than make everyone suffer through a night of dancing in big heavy dresses and suits.
  • Limit your guests’ exposure to the elements. Always dreamed of an outdoor ceremony? That may seem romantic until your entire entourage is left shivering in the cold. Instead, pick a venue that offers a warm, cozy space complete with large picture windows that allow you to bring the outdoors in. And, if you are planning on having a receiving line, be sure to do it inside where it is warmer.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Plenty of Color

Winter weddings can be stark when only white and black are used, or the bride sticks only to traditional reds and greens. Just because you are planning a winter wedding does not mean you can’t have plenty of colors to brighten your day. Some favorites for this time of year include plum, burgundy, deep blues, silver, gold, and even splashes of coral, pink and ivory work well to enhance the ambiance and natural beauty of wintertime.


Take Advantage of Seasonal Offerings

When planning a winter wedding, be sure to take advantage of what the season offers. From your menu to your décor, pull plenty of natural elements to highlight this beautiful season. This includes serving plenty of warm comfort foods like squash and pumpkin soups, rich meats, plenty of mashed potatoes, scrumptious pies, and more. 

Greens can add a special touch to your décor, and with the sun going down early during the winter months, lighting loads of candles will add a touch of romance to every part of your day.



Don’t Forget Those Finishing Touches

What will most people remember from your wedding? It’s the finishing touches that will grab their attention and make your day stand out.  Here are few ideas to get you started:

  • Consider using diamonds to recreate the look of ice indoors. Carry a bouquet of sparkling crystals to grab attention, or use plenty of sparkle in your décor for a dazzling effect.
  • Mesmerize your guests with an ice sculpture in the making. Hire an artist to create one during cocktail hour. It will keep your guests entranced while you have your pictures taken; plus it will be part of the décor all evening long.
  • Add a hot cocoa bar with loads of cookies and pastries for a dessert no one can resist.
  • Add a mashed potatoes bar to your reception for a warm and inviting array of flavors.
  • Consider adding small heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches to your cocktail hour offerings. Not only are they tasty, but fun too!

Don’t Forget the Perfect Dress!

It doesn’t matter what time of year you are getting married, you want a dress that accentuates who you are as a bride. Begin the all-important wedding dress search at TK Bridal & Alterations, Atlanta’s premier bridal salon. Call today for an appointment.