Part 2 Which Flowers Work for Your Wedding

Part 2 Which Flowers Work for Your Wedding

Part 2 Which Flowers Work for Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

Different seasons bring with it different blooms. You may not have thought about it, but the season that you scheduled your wedding for is going to have an impact on the flowers that are available. If you want the freshest, most beautiful, locally sourced flowers, you may want to concentrate on the ones that are in season. Further, each season has its own unique color palette, which you may want to follow.


Winter Flowers

What flowers do the winter months bring? Winter months are a great time for white and silver flowers, to imitate the appearance of a snowy winter wonderland. Pussy willow branches, pinecones, lamb's ear, and juniper boughs all celebrate the season, with a festive look that recalls Christmas. Holly, poinsettias, and other similar winter flowers can all be used for centerpieces and décor, as there are many winter-weather blossoms available.


Fall Flowers

Fall flowers are designed to take advantage of Autumn, in tones of brown, red, and orange. Oak leaves, acorns, figs, and ornamental pumpkins can all be used to decorate centerpieces, while warm-colored flowers can be used for bouquets. Ambers, oranges, and browns can be offset by brighter greens and cool, crisp blues, to create some elegant contrast. Crab apples can also be used for a splash of color. Asiatic lilies, celosia, dahlia, calla lilies, and roses are all excellent choices.



Summer Flowers

Summer is the time for yellow, purple, and blue flowers, a bright and attractive mix. Snapdragons, poppies, sunflowers, freesia, and unusual color roses will all fit in perfectly with light, airy summer décor. Summer fillers include Queen Anne's lace, waxflower, gypsophila, and others, all of which can be used to accent bridal arrangements and centerpieces. Purples, greens, and yellows will all usually dominate a summer arrangement.


Spring Flowers

Spring is the time for pastels. Peonies, irises, and lilac; spring is going to be mostly filled with light purple, light blue, and light pink. Spring will often bleed straight into the summer, giving you a large variety of flowers to choose from depending on your specific style and look. Spring flowers are light, bright, and fragrant, and there is a wide inventory of flowers to choose from during the gentle Spring blooming months. Carnations and other delicate flowers flourish during this season.

You can get married in style with any flower you desire; they may just be a little more difficult to find. Following by season makes it easier to source the freshest flowers and to get the best-looking blossoms. Of course, before you pick the perfect flowers, you might also want to find the best dress. Start your planning today by shopping at TK Bridal & Alterations. We'd love to help you find the perfect dress!