Non-Traditional Bridal Styles that Break the Rules

Non-Traditional Bridal Styles that Break the Rules

Welcome to TK Bridal, your ultimate destination for all things bridal in Atlanta! While traditional wedding styles have their charm, we believe that every bride should have the freedom to express her unique personality and style on her special day. That's why we're here to celebrate non-traditional bridal styles that break the rules! If you're a bride-to-be looking for something unconventional, exciting, and totally you, this blog post is for you. Get ready to explore some extraordinary wedding styles that will leave your guests in awe!




Bridal Power Suit: Redefining Style with a Chic Jumpsuit


Who says you have to wear a gown on your wedding day? Jumpsuits have been making a big statement in the fashion world, and they're perfect for brides who want to embrace a modern and fashion-forward look. At TK Bridal, we offer an array of stylish jumpsuits in various styles that will make you feel confident and utterly chic. You can embrace your femininity and masculinity all in one with this stylish choice!



Style #Gem
Style #Nautilus




Colored Dresses: Let Your True Colors Shine!


White may be the traditional choice for wedding dresses, but why not add a splash of color to your special day? Vibrant hues like blush pink, blue, soft lavender, or even bold red can create a memorable and stunning bridal look. Express your personality and let your true colors shine bright as you walk down the aisle!


Ricca Sposa

Style #21-010




The Ultimate Femme Fatale Vibe


It might be a little on the nose, but we have a gown that will perfectly encapsulate this vibe: the Femme Fatala gown from Ida Torez! This extravagant asymmetrical gown is made of a combination of beaded lace and stretchy satin. The skirt has a super high slit for added sex appeal, and the wide ribbon tied at the waist perfectly cinches you in.


Ida Torez

Style #Femme Fatale




The Showstopping Glamazon Bridal Gown


If you're dreaming of a wedding day look that screams confidence, style, and pure glamor, then we've got you covered. Picture yourself strutting down the aisle in a jaw-dropping wedding dress that exudes power and sophistication! Imagine the sheer thrill as you rock a show-stopping train that trails behind you, commanding attention at every step. A gown like this one from Pollardi is perfect because it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it’s so glamorous! It has a bodysuit structure and a sheer skirt over the top with a thigh high slit. The texture on this incredible gown is so breathtaking!



Style #Gem


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