How to Choose a Color Palette for a Spring Wedding

How to Choose a Color Palette for a Spring Wedding. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

Spring is the most popular time of the year for weddings, and many brides choose to incorporate the colors of the season into their color palettes. Because spring is commonly associated with flowers blooming after the winter, pastel colors are incredibly popular during this time of the year. When planning your wedding, the color palette should be one of your first decisions, as it will inform many other choices later on. Here's how to choose the perfect color scheme for your upcoming spring nuptials. 


Creating Color Combos 

Typically, a wedding color palette consists of three colors: the primary hue, a neutral base and an accent color. It's easiest to choose the primary color first, so we'll start there. Shades like blush, lavender, sage, dandelion and other soft tones are perfect for the season. Choose a color that you love, as you'll be seeing it throughout your wedding. 

When selecting your neutral, pay attention to the undertones of your primary hue. Cool colors, like blues, greens and purples, look great with neutrals that have gray undertones, while warmer colors (reds, oranges and yellows) pair well with ivory or cream tones. 

Finally, you'll need an accent. This can be a different shade of your primary color, or it can be a complementary hue. For complementary colors, look to the color wheel. Colors that are opposite each other (red-green, orange-blue, purple-yellow) on the wheel are considered complementary. Of course, there are many variations of each color, so play around with various options to find your perfect fit. 



Think About Your Wedding Party 

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will likely incorporate the wedding colors into their outfits, so keep this in mind when choosing your colors. Beiges and grays aren't necessarily flattering against some skin tones. Think about the weather and venue as well. As much as you might love airy, ethereal dresses for your bridesmaids, your friends won't be comfortable if the weather is especially cold. 

With the groomsmen, you have a bit more flexibility. For formal weddings, have the groomsmen wear pocket squares or ties in your wedding colors. At casual affairs, you can try fun accents like suspenders or bold sneakers. If you're feeling really festive, you could even have them wear suits in your chosen colors. 


Outfit Your Entire Wedding Party at TK Bridal 

Once you have decided on your color scheme, it's time to choose outfits for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Of course, you'll need to select your own dress as well. You can accomplish both goals right here at TK Bridal. Whether you already have a dress that you need altered or wish to create a custom dress from scratch, our expert tailors are here to help. We'll work closely with you to bring your vision to life and ensure your dress fits like a glove. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment with our team.