Falling in Love with Autumn Bridal Colors

Falling in Love with Autumn Bridal Colors. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

Fall is rich in seasonal hues that add a vibrant splash to any wedding scheme. But, let’s face it, while the jewel tones of the season can set a scene that any bride will love, you have to be careful about picking the perfect shades.

Whether you are planning a rustic outdoorsy look, a sophisticated soirée, or a more casual and fun affair, choosing the right color palette is important for setting the right mood for your ceremony and reception. If you are getting married this fall, be sure to check out these wonderful color schemes for your ceremony and reception.


Taking a Cue from Nature

When planning a fall wedding, many brides opt to go with a more natural color palette. This includes plenty of coordinating browns, oranges, and deep hunter greens. When used properly, this color palette can bring in the rich flavor of the season.


Maroon and Green

You might think Christmas with this color palette, but rest assured it offers an elegant and classy fall look too. Adding a splash of peach and gray can help bring out the hues of the changing leaves, creating a spectacular backdrop to any wedding colorfest.


Mauve and Grey

This is the perfect color palette for the fall vintage wedding. Giving the space a rich feel of elegance, these shades add a soft, yet elegant feel to your nuptials.


Orange and Beige

A true taste of fall, the vibrancy of the oranges against the softness of the beige coloring options available, helps create a true fall-like feel for all of your wedding festivities.



Navy and Peach

The soft-touch of the peachy color against the deep set of the navy helps to create the kind of romantic look any bride will love. Add a touch of sage or mint green for a spectacular accent.


Plum and Grey

Purple is a color aligned with royalty, giving any wedding a more regal look and feel. Be careful though, the rich depth of plum is best when offset by lighter shades of purple or lavender with some cream too. A lighter shade of grey can also help to enhance the vibrancy of the plum, making for spectacular photos.


Blush and Burgundy

Pairing these two classics with a touch of gold makes for a beautiful ensemble.


Finding the Right Color Combinations for Your Wedding

There is a lot more to choosing the right color scheme for your wedding than simply picking your favorite colors. When choosing your bridal palette, be sure to consider the venue, style and season of the wedding. Then, let the experts at TK Bridal & Alterations help you pair your tuxedos and dresses in order to create a look that will look great from the ceremony to reception.