All About the Fall Bride: Venues

All About the Fall Bride: Venues

All About the Fall Bride: Venues. Mobile Image

Aug 25, 2021

Are you thinking about a Fall wedding? Fall is a fantastic time for a romantic wedding, with attractive foliage and beautiful weather. Since it's such a desirable time, though, you often need to plan ahead. Venues can book years in advance for a Fall wedding, and you'll have to find the venue that's perfect for you. 

Some of the Best Destination Weddings

To truly take advantage of the fall season, you need to be where the foliage is. If you're trying to go all out, you can consider some of these attractive destinations:

  • Maine. Maine provides the quintessential fall experience, with brilliant orange trees fading into bright green foliage. There are many romantic areas that you and your partner can get married, though you'll want to book in advance; most of them are going to be very popular.
  • New Hampshire. Some people travel to the east coast just to see the leaves change, and it's easy to see why in New Hampshire. You can get married in a rustic farmhouse or a modern winery, depending on how you want to enjoy the scenery. 
  • Virginia. Virginia is especially lovely during the fall due to its many historic buildings. You can get married in an antique mansion, historic inn, or in some lovely gardens. Virginia is also more centrally located for those who don't want to go all the way up east. 
  • California. If you're closer to the west coast, you might want to consider California. California has many nature reserves and wildlife parks that are gorgeous during the fall, and many of them are willing to host affordable receptions.

Autumn weddings are popular, so book your venue early!



The Most Popular Atlanta Venues

Keep your wedding at home with your friends and family at an Atlanta venue. Atlanta has a number of gorgeous venues that are designed to take advantage of the shifting fall scenery. Here are just a few:

  • The Trolley Barn. Built in 1889, The Trolley Barn features gardens, a brick patio, a 30-foot ceiling, and hardwood floors. The Trolley Barn can seat up to 250 guests and can be used for both indoor and outdoor weddings, perfect if you're not sure about the weather.
  • The Piedmont Room. A historic, open, and modern building, the Piedmont Room is an all-in-one event venue with 5,500 square feet of vintage elegance. Up to 250 people can be seated, with an additional Garden Tent of 175 guests that can hold up to 400. 
  • The Canoe. Also known as The River Garden, The Canoe is known for its cuisine. The Canoe can accommodate up to 150 guests, with an outdoor wedding area that can be used throughout the fall. 

There are many more available venues in some of the most attractive forests and gardens in Atlanta.

Your wedding is about you. If Fall is your season and your color, there are a number of fantastic wedding options available. You can get started with your planning today by contacting us at TK Bridal & Alterations, Atlanta's premier bridal boutique.