5 Different Wedding Dress Train Lengths

5 Different Wedding Dress Train Lengths

Countless number of dressing options is available in the market today. You don’t have to look for that one little dress, digging through the dress rack. Wedding is the day when you are supposed to look good. Good is too less a word actually; it’s when you have to look fabulous!

Wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life. Everyone wants a grand wedding affair. Being the center of attraction, we strive to look our best and expect everything to be perfect. In everything, the thing that tops the list is wedding dress.

While considering the wedding dress, we take care of color, style and most importantly, the length. Length is a driving force that keeps you away from being uncomfortable. So, what are the different wedding dress train length options for your wedding dress?

Wedding Dress Train Lengths

  • Monarch: It is also called a “royal” train. This length will make you feel like a queen in your wedding. It is definitely the most luxurious and rich-looking option. The organza ruffles on this one dress more than nine glorious feet from the waist. Your dress flows all over the floor and your guests will be craning their necks to take it all in. Yes! Wedding dress of this train length requires assistance from a flower girl or say, maid of honor.
  • Sweep: Also called the “brush,” this train is less than a foot and a half long, barely dusting the ground. It is a great choice for outdoor brides who want a little glam but not too much drag. Or this style is appropriate for brides who want the benefits of a train without all the fuss of managing one. Brush train is suitable train for a more casual wedding.
  • Court: It is slightly longer than the sweep train. This type of train extends from the waistline rather than the hemline of the dress. It can be used at most ceremonies. But it may be hassle at outdoor weddings, such as those held on grass or at the beach. Court trains add a lovely touch of elegance to your gown. The length is neither too heavy nor cumbersome. It can be the perfect style for semi formal wedding dresses. Not just semi formal, court length train is a good option to add a little flair to informal wedding dresses as well.
  • Chapel: Chapel train is probably the most traditional choice for brides. It is the happy medium between the simplicity of the sweep and court trains, and the formality of the cathedral and royal trains. Chapel length trains have the dramatic appearance of a train without becoming unwieldy, and can be either detached or made into a bustle.
  • Watteau: It is one of the least common forms of wedding dress train. It is attached to the top of your gown either from your shoulders or upper back section of your bodice. Watteau train dramatically alters a bride’s silhouette and can lend an almost Grecian feel to the dress. This train can be the same length as the rest of your gown so that it falls straight down to the ground, or it can extend out behind you for a more dramatic look.

You can always try some other train lengths to look beautiful and feel comfortable. To help you get the dress you desire, TK Designs provides custom clothing service. For further details, visit our Atlanta Bridal Store or call us at (404) 943-0037 today.