How To Avoid Cakey Foundation On Your Wedding?


It’s your wedding which is coming up, and you are nervous? Wondering how to avoid cakey makeup and make your makeup stay flawless throughout the biggest event of your life? Keep calm and check these tips below, quick!

  1. Don’t forget to moisturize

Before applying makeup, apply a moisturizer as this will help to avoid patchy makeup. You can also use a primer instead.


  1. Use a mist

If you are a fan of Victoria’s Secret, their angels have usually advised to use a mist before and after the application of foundation. Doing this will help to set the foundation and give you that matte finish. Some mists have properties like rosewater and other things that are good for skin.


  1. Blot on your face

After applying foundation, blot on your face with some blotting papers or tissue papers. It will absorb excess makeup products from your skin.


  1. Use a damp beauty blender or blush brush

Rather than using hands to apply the foundation and concealer on skin, use a damp beauty blender or a blush brush as they will help blend the products well onto your skin, without caking.


  1. Use powder and setting spray to set your makeup

Use a translucent powder and use a makeup setting spray to set your makeup and to give you the longevity of makeup.

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