Buying or Renting Your Wedding Dress


With your big day fast approaching, there is so much to be done in order to make sure it’s perfect. Which means it can be stressful. And wedding dress is one major component that has many sentiments attached –from wedding day to the experience shopping for the perfect fit. In fact for a lot of brides, the day you say ‘yes ‘to the dress is almost as big as the wedding day itself.

Well it’s a fact: wedding dress is expensive. And it can go for four figures which for some can be the entire budget of the wedding. So you have two options: purchase a gown or rent one. Certainly there are pros and cons to both. Here are some to ease your decision:

Buying a wedding dress

Buying a wedding gown is a special moment in every bride’s life, finding the one perfect and unique to hers and hers alone. If you are sentimental type and want to pass your wedding dress as an heirloom then buying a gown is a must for you. There is something magical about making your dress an heirloom.


  • Your wedding day is going to be most memorable day in your life. Even if you do have photographs of day, your very own wedding dress will be the reminiscent your wedding itself.


  • Your wedding dress is yours alone – yours design and your ideas invested. Buying a wedding dress means you have unlimited options to choose from styles and designs. You can make alterations to make your dress a perfect fit.


  • You even have the option to rent your dress to other brides for a small fee, which could eventually pay off the cost of the gown.


However, there is a flip side. As every bride knows, wedding dress is expensive enough and with every alteration, adding in accessories, veil, sash, shoes, and your ultimate expense can make you compensate for wedding décor.

Renting a wedding dress

Renting a dress is quite a practical solution for those looking to save cost as well as long term utility. While renting means you won’t be able to hold onto the dress for sentimental reasons, it does mean that you won’t have to worry about storing the dress for years to come. And most salons keep rental dresses in immaculate conditions so no repairs o dry cleaning is necessary.


  • First, it cuts your wedding dress cost by half. Cost is the thing that brought you to consider renting in the first place. Renting a dress is cheaper than buying and you can invest that saved money on elsewhere in wedding or use it for down payment on a house.


  • If you are lucky, some salons offer wedding dresses package deals that include shoes, sash or veil at a discounted rate. You get more bang for a buck.


  • Designer dress: If you are looking for a fabulous designer dress that you wouldn’t dare purchase it, RENT IT. Websites like Rent the Runway have provided brides with the options of being able to wear a dress of their dreams or designer dresses at a fraction of the retail prices.


  • Brides need not worry about the maintenance for the dress. She can return the dress after using it and proceed with her honeymoon.


  • If you are planning on destination wedding, you can rent the dress at the destination without having to carry your wedding dress in your baggage keeping it wrinkle free.


  • You are renting a dress means once you have worn your wedding dress you can return the dress, without having to worry about how to store and preserve these delicate dresses.


  • Limited options: however, Flip side is you have limited selection as you have choose from the limited designs available for rental in the salon. If you are looking for specific style or are a picky shopper, renting may not be the best choice.


  • Size constraints: Even if you do find a gown you like, it may not be in your size. Are alterations allowed? That’s something you’ll need to ask wherever you’re renting from.
  • Damages: Spill or tear that pretty white and you’ll have to pay up.


  • No heirloom factor: For some brides, a wedding dress holds memories of a lifetime and wants to pass as an heirloom. With a rental dress, you might lose that sentimental value.


  • Online ordering: This is always a risky bet. What if it comes in the wrong color or size, or looks completely different than pictured? And how much does shipping cost? You also might get charged a late fee if you miss your return date. It all adds up.


There is not one option that’s better than the other. It really depends on you: the bride. Consider your budget, what you are looking in a dress and priorities on your wedding day etc. Listen to your heart and follow it as there is no wrong answer.

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