Fairy Tale Princess Dress at TK Bridal Store Atlanta, GA

We have all grown up listening, watching and reading the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Pocahontas, little Mermaid, Sleeping beauty and other fairy tale princesses. These stories have inspired and motivated us to expect good things in our life. We often find these stories connected to our lives.

Find your Favorite Celeb dress from Golden Globe Awards 2014

Hollywood actresses have stunned the world not just with their beauty, talent and acting but also with their stylish dress up. Many customers visit our Bridal Store of Atlanta, GA demanding the outfit like Hollywood actresses.

8 Tips to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress for Pregnant Bride

Are you pregnant and you are getting married? This call’s for a double celebration. You are not just starting a new life with your man but you both are also bringing a life to this world. You have every right to look beautiful, and stand tall. Every bride wants a perfect wedding dress for her big day. Finding that perfect dress for your BIG day is never an easy task. And if you’re pregnant then it can be even more stressful as your body is constantly changing.

Nowadays, many bridal stores have wide collection of maternity wedding dresses. If you plan ahead, then you can walk down the aisle in your lovely wedding dress that highlights your figure and your personality for all the right reasons.

Tips for choosing a perfect wedding dress from TK Bridal and Alterations of Atlanta :…


things to do with wedding dress after wedding, things to do with wedding dressThe wedding dress is special dress that you will ever wear in your life. You spend several months finding that dream wedding dress and pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy it or have it altered.

On your wedding day, you will have everyone’s eyes set on you, but after your big day, a question pops up in your mind. When will I be able to wear this dress again?

If your wedding celebrations have ended and you are wondering what to do with your wedding dress, here are a few tips for you.…